History of Bridgewater

Bridgewater Township is located in the northeast portion of Pennsylvania in Susquehanna County and encompasses a land area of 23,680 acres or 37 square miles.

Early Beginnings

The township was established in November 1806. The township surrounds the borough of Montrose which is the County seat. The township is bordered on the west by Forest Lake and Jessup Townships, on the south by Dimock and Brooklyn Townships and on the north by Silver Lake and Franklin Townships and on the east by New Milford Township.

Preserving Agriculture
As a means to preserve the rich agriculture history and the rural working landscape of the area, there are 13,265 acres of the 23,680 enrolled in Agriculture Security Areas. Another 1,676 acres are in Agriculture Conservation Easements.

The 2010 census shows a population of 2,844 with 1,303 housing units in the township.

Roads & Jurisdiction

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penn DOT) records show that within the township there are a total of 104.95 miles of road of which 56.52 miles are township and 48.43 miles are state roads. The bulk of the roads are under the township jurisdiction. 55.22 miles are dirt and gravel roads with 1.3 miles being paved as of 2014.