Bridgewater Township Municipal Authority

Office Hours:  Tue, Wed, Thurs 8 AM - 1 PM
16 Chestnut Street, Montrose, PA  18801

Phone/Fax:  570-278-7160


Board Members:
  • D. Rexford Maxey
  • Maynard Upright
  • John Cherundolo
  • Gerald Ely
  • Tim Loomis
Payment Due:  25th of each month
Monthly fee:  $85/per EDU
Late fee: 10% interest fee not accrued

Payments accepted at 16 Chestnut Street
Locked drop box in vestibule for your convenience

Past Due:
60 Days goes to Portnoff
120 Days automatically file a lien
Emergences:  Contact Chris Short @ 570-278-4118

Meetings:  2nd Tuesday of every month @ Bridgewater Township Building @ 7PM

New Connections:
$3,200 - Per EDU connection fee
$4,500 - Grinder pump cost (approximately)
     (Current price at time of purchase)
$50 - Inspection fee